Jean-Pierre Fumbles When Asked When Inflation Reduction Act Will Cut Inflation

Karine Jean-Pierre, the press secretary for the White House, made a mistake on Tuesday when she attempted to explain how the Inflation Reduction Act will reduce inflation.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the consumer price index for August earlier that day. It showed a 0.1% increase in inflation from July, which is concerning given the recent decline in gas prices. The data revealed an annual increase in inflation of 8.3%.

Even worse, the so-called "core inflation," which does not include the cost of energy and food, increased by 0.6% from July.

What took place?

Democrats asserted that the inflation will be reduced by the Inflation Reduction Act, which Biden signed into law last month. Therefore, a reporter questioned Jean-Pierre during the press briefing about when Americans may anticipate the promised drop in inflation when inflation has only continued to rise.

The reporter questioned, "What exactly would the Inflation Reduction Act do to reduce inflation in the short term?"

However, Jean-Pierre struggled with the lay-up question and was unable to provide a thoughtful response.

She first asserted that reductions in health care costs, which the majority of Americans either can't use or won't, will lower inflation, but as the administration continues to increase spending, she then changed her argument to one endorsing the law: deficit reduction.

Inflation Reduction Act would be helpful to that additional $300 billion in deficit, which is highly significant, experts and economists have stated, as we currently have $1.7 billion in deficit reduction under this administration. That would be even lower thanks to it, which is really significant.

Therefore, look, both Republicans and Democrats who served as U.S. Treasury Secretaries have stated that it would reduce inflation. More than 126 economists have stated that it would reduce inflation.

When the reporter retaliated, pointing out that many purported advantages of the Inflation Reduction Act have been out of date for years, Jean-Pierre went to the tax credits and rebates for sustainable energy.

However, as TheBlaze pointed out, the government exaggerated those advantages.

Jean-Pierre was subsequently questioned over the paradox of the Biden administration commemorating the Inflation Reduction Act on the same day that official statistics showed inflation was not being decreased.

Jean-Pierre referred to the Inflation Reduction Act, which is not cutting inflation, as a "big, great historic, historic win" for Americans rather than seeing the obvious contradiction.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on BLAZE MEDIA.

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