Boost Your Patriotism! Moore Takes Home Presidential Fitness Award

Susie Moore, the Deputy Managing Editor for RedState, recently reflected on her childhood love for gym class and the Presidential Fitness Test. She reminisced about her own excitement to prove herself worthy of the Presidential Fitness Award. However, this nostalgic trip down memory lane led her to ponder the fitness of our current president.

In Susie’s opinion, our current president falls short in three categories: physical, mental, and moral fitness. She expressed her disappointment in his performance and her desire to return to a time when the president at least excelled in two out of three categories, even if she disagreed with him politically.

Susie longs for a future where she can vote based on aspiration rather than desperation and hopes to see a candidate who is truly deserving of the prestigious Presidential Fitness Award. She concludes her commentary with a touch of humor, calling herself a dreamer and sharing her love for sports teams, food, and dogs.

Susie’s commentary provides a partisan perspective on the state of our current president’s fitness. Her personal opinions and sense of humor add a unique flair to her writing, making it engaging and relatable to conservative readers.

Written by Staff Reports

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