Tucker Carlson Exposes Ray Epps: Capitol Police Chief Reveals Shocking Details!

Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund recently sat down for an in-depth interview with the brilliant Tucker Carlson to discuss his experiences during the events of January 6th and shed light on the appalling security lapse that occurred. During their hour-long conversation, Carlson couldn’t help but question Chief Sund about the puzzling behavior of individuals like Ray Epps, who seemed to incite the crowd without facing any consequences. It’s truly mind-boggling, isn’t it?

With his signature wit, Tucker remarked, “I mean, seriously, folks, we have advanced facial recognition technology. Are we supposed to believe that we can’t find these troublemakers? I’m specifically talking about a charming individual named Ray Epps, who seems to have become a hero on the left. I hope we can put aside the politics here.” Bravo, Tucker, for cutting straight to the chase!

Chief Sund responded, enlightening us with his valuable insights, “In my book, I address this very concern. From a police chief’s perspective, it’s alarming to witness someone like Epps, who was seen near the old executive office building on January 5th, openly encouraging the crowd to enter the Capitol. The next day, he shows up at the Pennsylvania Avenue gate, fully aware that it’s a restricted area. He leans in to whisper something to someone, and within moments, that person attacks my officers.”

Now, that’s suspicious as hell, folks! Chief Sund’s concerns are completely valid. How can one deny the questionable actions of Mr. Epps that day? Tucker mirrored our sentiments, exclaiming, “What is that? How is it verified that the person he whispered to attacked officers?”

Chief Sund confirmed the horrifying reality, stating, “Yes, that’s correct. The person he whispered to immediately launched an attack on the officers. Interestingly, on 60 Minutes, Ray Epps claimed that he told the officer that they were on the same side and not to harm them. If that’s true, why cover your mouth and ensure only one person hears it? It seems there might have been more planned aggression towards our law enforcement officers.”

Understandably, Chief Sund expressed his bewilderment at the fact that the January 6th Committee has come to the defense of Ray Epps, despite overwhelming evidence against him. It leaves us scratching our heads, wondering, why the support for someone who clearly played a role in the chaos that unfolded that day?

It’s disheartening to witness the lack of accountability for those who potentially fueled the violence on January 6th. We must demand answers and ensure that justice is served. The American people deserve the truth, regardless of the political motivations of certain individuals. Let’s hope transparency wins over partisanship in the pursuit of the facts.

Written by Staff Reports

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