Chris Christie ROASTED For Attack On Trump’s Foreign Policy

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is under fire from conservatives for making foolish and untrue accusations about the great President Donald Trump. On Twitter, Christie attacked President Trump by claiming he was a “Putin’s puppet” for not explicitly stating that he wanted Ukraine to be victorious in their conflict with Russia. Christie is just another RINO pushing his progressive talking points.

But the attack on President Trump didn’t quite work out as Christie probably planned. Sean Parnell, a decorated veteran and true Republican, immediately called out Christie’s “ridiculous” comments. Parnell exposed how Christie is spreading fallacious narratives to criticize Trump. President Trump, on the other hand, has always been a conciliator and has always wanted to keep America’s nose out of foreign conflicts.

Many conservatives on social media have also joined in condemning Christie for his anti-Trump remarks. He is completely out of touch with the Republican base and proves that he is nothing but another establishment politician trying to find ways to criticize the great President Trump.

In a recent statement, President Trump stated that he ‘wants everybody to stop dying, they’re dying, Russians and Ukrainians,” and intends to stop all the death and destruction. Trump understands the importance of the presidency and knows how to get things done. Chris Christie should know better and stop peddling his progressive nonsense, but then that would be unlike a RINO politician.

Written by Staff Reports

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