GOP Leader Blows the Lid off Biden’s Border Catastrophe in Fiery Speech

In a bold and blistering speech delivered in the House on Wednesday, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy slammed President Biden for his utter failure to address the ongoing border crisis. He accused the President of sending a dangerous message to the world that “the border is open” through his soft policies, which have emboldened cartels and illegal immigrants to flood into the country.

McCarthy pointed out that the situation on the southern border has reached crisis levels, with record numbers of migrants crossing into the US in recent months. He called out Biden for his complete absence on the issue, asking why the President is “missing in action” when it comes to securing the border.

“President Biden’s record crossings, record carelessness, record chaos, have all contributed to the most calamitous border crisis in generations,” McCarthy asserted. “This is not just a humanitarian crisis, it’s a national security crisis. Criminal elements and potential terrorists are taking advantage of the chaos to infiltrate the US.”

The House GOP leader also called for the US to secure its border to protect Americans’ safety. He added that the Biden administration should be held accountable for their detrimental policies on immigration.

Many have accused Biden of dismantling many of the measures put in place by the previous administration to control illegal immigration, such as the construction of a border wall. However, Biden surprised many yesterday by re-implementing a crucial Trump-era policy. While this move is a step in the right direction, more needs to be done to secure our borders and protect our nation.

McCarthy’s speech is the latest in a series of attacks on the Biden administration’s handling of the border crisis. While many of the current administration’s policies revolve around healthcare and climate change, immigration t has become a major flashpoint for the country. Democrats need to be held accountable for their complete disregard of our nation’s security, and McCarthy’s fiery speech is a reminder that their dereliction of duty has consequences.

Written by Staff Reports

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