Former CIA Director John Brennan grilled for agency’s 2020 election interference

Former CIA Director John Brennan has recently been facing the music for his agency’s interference with the 2020 presidential election. At Capitol Hill, Brennan was questioned by lawmakers regarding the agency’s meddling with the election. The Committee even revealed that at least one CIA employee was involved in recruiting signatures for the infamous letter signed by 51 former intelligence officials, claiming that Hunter Biden’s laptop was part of the “Russian disinformation” scheme.

The Committees have uncovered evidence that an employee who was affiliated with the CIA was involved in obtaining signatures for the letter. David Cariens, former CIA analyst and a signer of the statement, revealed to the Committees that a member of the CIA affiliated with the agency’s Prepublication Classification Review Board informed him of the letter’s existence and asked him to sign it. Despite the Committee’s request for additional material from the CIA, further cooperation, especially from the Biden Administration, has been non-existent.

Interestingly, the Biden Administration refused to cooperate with the committee’s oversight. They declined to offer any assistance in providing the documents relating to the statement or the interaction between the CIA and the signatories of the statement. The Committee has requested the CIA to produce these documents by April 4, 2023; however, the CIA has yet to comply with the oversight.

It’s important to note that in 2018, President Donald Trump took action against Brennan and stripped him of his security clearance. This came after Brennan pushed the false narrative of Russian collusion on MSNBC and accused President Trump of treason. This raises questions about what other nefarious actions Brennan has taken, and raises the alarm on the need for increased transparency, especially in government agencies like the CIA.

It’s a travesty that some government agencies were allowed to undermine our democracy by interfering with the elections. We need to take these issues seriously and demand answers from those in power. We can’t sit quietly and let them get away with their deeds. It’s time that we as citizens demand accountability, transparency, and justice.

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