Coolidge to Trump: US Presidents Champion Strong Borders

In the news article about presidents’ stances on immigration, the biased and partisan conservative view would be that immigration should be heavily restricted to protect American citizens and the country’s resources.

In the early 1920s, Republican President Calvin Coolidge reduced legal immigration levels to stabilize the nation’s population. He emphasized the need to limit new arrivals to ensure their successful assimilation into American society. Coolidge’s approach supported the idea of restricted immigration and selective admission based on the capacity for assimilation.

The Democratic President Bill Clinton, in 1995, expressed concerns about the large numbers of illegal aliens entering the country, acknowledging the burden on American taxpayers. He endorsed recommendations to cut legal immigration levels in half and prioritize the assimilation process for new arrivals.

President Theodore Roosevelt, also a Republican, emphasized the importance of immigrants becoming fully Americanized and contributing to the nation’s work. He warned that unassimilated immigrants with separate interests obstruct the national life, urging them to embrace American values and customs.

Even the Democratic Senator and later President Barack Obama stressed the need to control immigration to avoid lowering the wages of American workers. Obama noted the threats and strains on the labor force and safety net caused by a large influx of low-skill workers.

President Donald Trump notably championed strict immigration policies during his presidency, advocating for immigration moratoriums, increased deportations of illegal aliens, and the building of a border wall. He emphasized that the immigration system should prioritize the needs of American citizens and address valid concerns about the impact of immigration on jobs, wages, and living conditions.

These biased and partisan conservative views align with the belief that controlling immigration is crucial to protect American citizens and ensure the successful assimilation and contribution of newcomers to the nation.


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