Democrats fail again on debt ceiling negotiations as GOP passes legislation

In a stunning display of arrogance and disregard for the American people, Democrats have once again failed to negotiate in good faith on the issue of raising the debt ceiling. Led by President Biden, they have stubbornly refused to engage with House Republicans, assuming that their lack of cohesion would prevent them from passing any meaningful legislation. But they were wrong. The GOP came together and passed a reasonable bill that would modestly restrict federal spending while raising the debt limit for about a year. The Democrats are still struggling to adjust to this new reality, offering incoherent messaging that ignores the facts.

Despite months of refusing to negotiate, President Biden has finally relented and agreed to talks, only to leave the country and leave his party without direction. As discussions continue, the two sides remain stuck in an impasse, with Democrats clinging to their non-viable strategy of blaming Republicans for their own failures. However, the reality is that the GOP has taken action to prevent default with legislation that is popular with the majority of Americans.

Democrats have resorted to outright lying about the GOP bill, claiming it cuts veteran’s benefits, when in fact, it does not. Polling in battleground districts shows that 77% of voters favor reclaiming unspent COVID funds, 62% support enhanced welfare work requirements, and 53% support reducing discretionary spending to pre-pandemic levels – all components of the GOP-passed alternative.

Washington spends far too much money, but Democrats seem determined to barrel ahead with higher spending, regardless of the math. Their stance is simply full speed ahead on higher spending, forever, and Biden’s team has been dishonestly presenting their approach to the issue. Biden’s approval ratings are already strikingly poor, and any combination of a default or recession could be politically fatal.

Ultimately, the buck stops with President Biden on this issue. He must realize that he cannot allow a default to occur on his watch. McCarthy has a strong hand to play, as the House-passed plan remains the only bill in town. Failing to negotiate in good faith on this issue is yet another example of the Democrats’ disregard for the American people and their unwillingness to do what is necessary to keep our country financially sound. It’s time for them to get their act together and start working for the American people, not against them.

Written by Staff Reports

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