HUGE Lawsuits Coming Against ESPN For Vaccine Mandate

On Wednesday, a lawsuit was filed against ESPN in Connecticut over the company's requirement for vaccinations.

The lawsuit was filed by former employees, Beth Faber and Alison Williams, who were terminated after they decided not to get the COVID-19 vaccination. Both women are seeking monetary compensation.

For over 10 years, Williams was a host for the company. On the other hand, Faber had worked for the organization for over 31 years.

On May 27, 2021, an email was sent out by the company stating that the organization's policy on vaccinations would be enforced. Faber then responded to the email and expressed her religious beliefs. However, Julie Walden, the HR representative of ESPN, told her that God might have already led her to a new career.

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During the course of her pregnancy, Williams had sought an exemption from the vaccination due to her concerns about the effects of the vaccine on her unborn child. However, she was eventually denied and terminated by the company in October 2021.

The former employees have been represented by Sheldon Karasik and Christopher Dunn, who are both from Dunn Employment Law. Although he's not licensed in Connecticut, he's applying for authorization to practice law there.

"According to Dunn's website, many people have been affected by the vaccination mandates over the past couple of years. He noted that there are times when employees need help in securing an exemption due to their medical or religious reasons. For instance, Jacobson was not denied his livelihood in 1905 after he was ordered to pay a fine for not taking the smallpox vaccine."

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Wasington Examiner.

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