Ex-Dem Sheriff Backs Trump: Rejects Party’s Chaos and Disorder

Marine Corps veteran Manny Gonzales, a lifelong Democrat and former sheriff of New Mexico’s Bernalillo County, has made a surprising switch. He recently flipped parties and announced his endorsement of former President Donald Trump, catching the attention of Breitbart over the weekend.

Gonzales believes that Trump understands the needs of our great nation, and this is what led him to change his political alignment. In a statement, he praised the former president for his track record and dedication to the principles that matter most to their communities. Gonzales sees Trump as a leader who can stand against the out-of-touch policies that have left their state behind.

The retired lawman insists that his decision to run for the U.S. Senate as a Republican and endorse Trump stems from his deep conviction that their state needs practical, common-sense solutions, not partisan rhetoric. He expresses disappointment with the national Democratic Party, claiming they have diverged from the values that resonate with their local community. Gonzales feels that the party has been promoting chaos over order and undermining the safety of their neighborhoods.

Gonzales gained national prominence during the COVID pandemic when he said his office would not enforce stay-at-home orders. He takes pride in being a law and order advocate, a fiscally responsible family man, and a community-oriented individual. His career has always been centered around service.

The former sheriff believes that the Democratic Party has shifted too far to the left, with ideologies that do not align with his views on families and law and order. He no longer wants to be complicit in their values, leading him to make this dramatic change. In addition to his focus on public safety, Gonzales promises to fight for jobs and promote energy initiatives once he is in office.

Gonzales’s decision to switch parties and endorse Trump highlights the fact that even lifelong Democrats can see the flaws in their own party’s platform. He recognizes that the national Democratic Party has strayed from common-sense governance, and he refuses to be associated with their radical elements any longer. Gonzales’s dedication to serving his community and his commitment to practical solutions make him an ideal candidate for the U.S. Senate. It’s refreshing to see someone with a strong sense of values and a desire to put their community first, even if it means breaking away from their lifelong political party.

Written by Staff Reports

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