VIDEO: DeSantis Responds To Trump Criticizing His Covid Policies

In response to criticism he received from Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, gave his response.

At first, DeSantis joked about how he gets criticized for just "rolling out of bed."

When it comes to dealing with a crisis, DeSantis noted that the good thing about being an elected official is that you have the power to make all the decisions.

The people can make their own judgment about whether or not they want to reelect you. In his case, DeSantis noted that he was able to secure a high percentage of the vote.

According to DeSantis, he was able to secure an overwhelming victory, with over 1.5 million more votes than any previous governor candidate had managed.

Claiming that he was able to get the support of over 1.5 million more voters than any previous governor candidate, DeSantis stated that the people of Florida had spoken.

During his speech, DeSantis announced that the state would be ending its funding for diversity, inclusion, and equity programs at state universities and colleges.

Trump criticized DeSantis for having "unapologetically" closed the state, and he performed worse than other Republican officials during the COVID outbreak.

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