REPORT: Biden’s Own Team is PANICKING About Re-election Chances

Democratic officials and top White House personnel are reportedly worried about President Joe Biden’s chances of winning a rematch against former President Donald Trump in the 2024 elections. Politico revealed that the Biden team is struggling to fundraise and lack staff as well as a headquarters. According to a Washington Post/ABC poll, a majority of Democrats and left-leaning independents prefer to have a different nominee rather than President Biden. The poll also shows that only 32% of those surveyed believe that President Biden has enough mental capacity to be President. The President’s approval rating has also taken a hit with only 36% of respondents approving of his performance as President. In addition, Trump has a significant lead in a hypothetical matchup against President Biden.

“The ABC poll, while it is an outlier, it’s also a warning, right?” Terrance Woodbury, CEO of progressive firm HIT Strategies, told Politico. “They are a very confident White House. They are most confident in their record. He is a creature of the legislature and he believes that passing legislation is good governing and he’s passed some damn good legislation. But that ain’t always good politics.”

Typically fearful, Democrats are in a full-throated panic, with some insiders calling them bedwetters. Jim Messina, former campaign manager for President Barack Obama’s reelection, called the situation an all-out panic. As a result of these fears, the Biden-Harris reelection campaign is building more on the work of a historically strong DNC and state party operation, but this is unlikely to be enough to secure a victory against a resurgent Donald Trump.

While the Biden team is downplaying their critics and pointing out their successes, including their record and effective passing of legislation, Republican sources believe Democrats are seriously worried. The Real Clear Politics (RCP) average for a general election matchup between Trump and Biden, based on polls conducted between April 11 and May 5, indicates that Trump currently has a 0.7% lead over President Biden.

It should be noted that CNN and other fake news media could attach negative stats to Trump in an effort to control the narrative. Republicans are not worried and will back Trump against President Biden or any candidate the Democrats might put forward.

Source: The Daily Caller

Written by Staff Reports

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