Gov. Brian Kemp Moves to Empower Parents and Children with School Choice

This week, Florida achieved a historic feat by passing a school choice program, which grants educational choices to all families, thus becoming the largest state in the United States to do so. In response, Georgia is considering a comparable legislation that will provide education savings accounts for families who are districted to schools ranked in the lowest 25% of the state's school rating system. 

Teachers' unions are opposed to the bill and are trying to maintain their monopoly power over the country's education system. Democrats, who receive a large share of the funds wielded by teachers' unions, have come out in defense of the unions. However, many of their constituents are eager for programs that can save their children from underperforming government schools.

During an appearance on the Erick Erickson show, Governor Brian Kemp voiced his support for the legislation, stating that he has been a strong advocate of school choice for many years and hopes that the bill will pass after being successfully passed out of the senate. 

Although the outcome of the bill remains uncertain, the triumph of Florida's school choice program has given hope to those in Georgia who are in favor of it. Supporters of the legislation are positive that it will be approved, enabling families to enjoy more educational options and access to resources that can assist their children in achieving success.

School choice has become a hot topic in recent years as more states have begun to recognize the need for educational options beyond traditional public schools. The passage of this bill in Georgia would be a major step forward in providing families with more options and resources to ensure their children receive the best possible education.

The future of school choice in Georgia is still uncertain, but with the support of Governor Kemp and the momentum from Florida’s success, supporters of the bill remain hopeful that it will pass and provide families with more educational options and resources.

Written by Staff Reports

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