Harris Hits NC for Gun Chat, Action or Act?

Kamala Harris, also known as the Vice President, is making her way down to Charlotte, North Carolina to yap about gun violence prevention. She’s going to be hosting a fancy roundtable discussion, where she’ll likely spout off the same old song and dance about the Biden administration’s commitment to tackling gun violence. We’ve all heard it before, right?

But get this, folks. She’s only doing this after a tragic school shooting went down in Perry, Iowa. A sixth grader got killed and the principal, along with seven others, got hurt. It’s a real shame, and we all want to see an end to senseless violence like this. But does Kamala really think another talkfest is going to change anything?

So, mark your calendars for 1:50 p.m., because that’s when all the gun violence chin wagging is supposed to kick off. And let’s hope this roundtable actually leads to some real action, instead of just more political grandstanding.

Written by Staff Reports

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