Hollywood Donors Furious at Katzenberg Over Misleading Biden’s Fitness

In recent developments, Hollywood Democrat donors are feeling the burn after being persuaded by mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg to back Joe Biden under the assurance that the president would be physically and mentally fit for another term, despite his age of 81. As reported by Breitbart News, Katzenberg, serving as Biden’s re-election co-chair, faced an uphill battle convincing skeptical Democrat donors that Biden is up for the job.

Despite Katzenberg’s efforts to ease their concerns and even invite them to a meeting with Biden at the White House, some donors remain unconvinced. The backlash intensified after Biden’s lackluster debate performance against former President Trump, leading to donors expressing anger at feeling misled by Katzenberg and the Biden inner circle. 


The Hollywood community, a stronghold of Democrat support, is abuzz with disappointment and fury towards Katzenberg, with some calling his actions “unbelievable” and accusing him of hypocrisy. The fallout from this betrayal has left Hollywood donors feeling let down and questioning Katzenberg’s role as an influencer in both the entertainment industry and political arena.

As the dust settles, Katzenberg’s reputation as a power broker in Hollywood may be facing a decline, with parallels being drawn between his handling of the Biden campaign and his past endeavors like Quibi. Despite the mounting pressure from donors and media outlets for Biden to step down, the president remains resolute in his commitment to continue leading the country.

This saga serves as a cautionary tale of the intersection between Hollywood politics and the influence of industry moguls like Katzenberg. The fallout from this debacle underscores the risks of placing blind trust in charismatic figures who may prioritize their own agendas over the interests of those they claim to represent.

Written by Staff Reports

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