Trump Teases VP Pick as GOP Convention Approaches Amid Biden Blunders

Former President Donald Trump is on the brink of revealing his choice to run mate, just as the Republican National Convention is about to kick off. Despite a frenzy of media speculation rivaling a circus sideshow, the Trump campaign isn’t tipping its hand.

The rumor mill, fueled by Washington’s usual suspects, seems to be honing in on three familiar faces: Ohio Senator J.D. Vance, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, and North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum. Whether or not these seasoned political players make the final cut remains to be seen, but the usual suspects love making a mountain out of a molehill.

Vance, aiming to sidestep the media’s attempt to bait him, spoke to a national audience and clarified that no phone call has come his way yet. He said that while the media loves a good guessing game, he focuses on getting Trump back in the Oval Office. According to him, whoever Trump picks will undoubtedly come from a solid bench of stalwarts.

Rubio, always adept at giving non-answers while on the Sunday show circuit, mirrored Vance’s sentiments. He cheerfully deferred any real comment on the VP pick, opting instead to pledge his support to Trump’s campaign in the most generic way possible. One must wonder if even CNN’s hosts had to stifle a yawn as Rubio predictably played his part in this political theater.

To keep things interesting, Trump has planned two rallies this week – first in his adopted home state of Florida and then in the more sedate but equally supportive Butler, Pennsylvania. These events will surely warm the hearts of his supporters and perhaps distract from the white noise surrounding the VP pick.

In contrast to Trump’s organized campaign, President Joe Biden has been drowning in a sea of doubt after his latest debate performance. Biden’s stumbling, bumbling appearance has done more to galvanize Trump’s supporters than any VP announcement could. Calls for Biden to step aside have reached a fever pitch, even within his own party, as many wonder if he’s up for the job at all.

Trump’s potential delay in announcing his running mate could be a strategic move, allowing the focus to remain squarely on Biden’s apparent unfitness for office. After all, why rush when Biden is doing half the campaign work for Trump? The former president has always understood the political game better than most, and this time, he’s letting his opponent’s gaffes do the talking.

Written by Staff Reports

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