IRS Throws Hunter’s Tax Drama Back in His Face!

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is petitioning a magistrate to dismiss portions of Hunter Biden's lawsuit against the agency. IRS agents are accused in the lawsuit of improperly disclosing Biden's private tax information. Biden's claim for damages, which are not protected by privacy law, and the inclusion of assertions made by agents' attorneys, who are not U.S. government personnel, are factors that the IRS contends should lead to the dismissal of the lawsuit.

This is yet another instance in which the Biden family attempts to exploit the legal system. The Bidens have a history of attempting to evade the repercussions of their decisions; this lawsuit is merely the most recent instance.

Biden's lawsuit alleges that his confidential information was improperly disclosed by two IRS whistleblowers and their attorneys, and that the IRS failed to implement adequate safeguards to secure that information. However, the IRS is resisting, requesting that the judge dismiss one of Biden's accusations in its entirety and the other in its entirety.

For good reason, it is evident that the IRS does not take Biden's claims seriously. Ultimately, the public was made aware of Biden's tax issues through his own disclosure that he was the subject of a federal investigation, which occurred well in advance of the whistleblowers' approach to Congress.

Not to mention the fact that Biden is currently confronted with significant legal challenges as well. In California, he was recently charged with nine counts of tax evasion, which pertains to alleged non-payment of over one million dollars in taxes over a span of four years. It comes as no surprise that the IRS is doubting his lawsuit.

The true irony in this situation is that Empower Oversight, an organization that provides legal counsel for whistleblowers, is representing Biden in his lawsuit. The aforementioned group has previously characterized Biden's lawsuit as a "baseless smear." Biden's efforts to manipulate the legal system for his personal gain are manifestly failing to deceive any individual.

Ultimately, it is difficult not to perceive this lawsuit as merely an additional futile effort by the Biden family to evade responsibility. The IRS's opposition to these unfounded allegations is justified, and the Bidens should now confront the repercussions of their conduct.

Written by Staff Reports

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