Is ‘Trans-Age’ the Next Disruptor in Identity Politics? Tune In!

Get ready for a new wave of identity confusion, folks! First it was transgender, now it’s “trans-age.” Yes, you read that right. People are now claiming that they can identify as a different age than what they really are. Talk about wanting to turn back the clock! And you thought 50 was the new 30? Well, apparently now 50 can be the new 14, if you want it to be.

In Canada, a swimming competition was recently held where a 50-year-old biological male named Nicholas J. Cepeda decided to compete in a race for 13 and 14-year-old girls. Can you say “creep alert”? When questioned about this questionable decision, event officials were less than forthcoming with answers. They initially denied that Nicholas was competing, but that lie was quickly exposed when his name appeared on the race schedule. It’s almost like they were trying to hide something, huh?

But it gets even stranger. Nicholas is actually a professor at a university in Toronto. And get this – he heads up the “Cognitive Flexibility Lab.” Oh, the irony! This lab apparently develops tools for teachers based on principles of cognitive psychology. So not only is Nicholas trying to convince us that he’s a teenager trapped in a middle-aged body, but he’s also influencing the minds of young students. Talk about a mind trip!

It’s clear that this whole trans-age thing is just another example of the left’s agenda to erase all distinctions between men and women. And where is the outrage from the parents of the other swimmers? Why aren’t they speaking out against this madness? Oh, that’s right – they’re probably too scared of being labeled as bigots or transphobes. It’s the cancel culture mob at work once again.

Get ready, America, because this trans-age nonsense is surely making its way to our shores. Maybe Rachel Dolezal should give her transracial experiment another shot. At least it’s less creepy than pretending to be a teenager when you’re really a middle-aged man. Keep your eyes open for these new age-bending activists, folks. The crazy train just keeps on rolling!

Written by Staff Reports

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