WSJ DECLARES: Biden’s Second Term a ‘Historic Mistake’ – Decline Evident

The Wall Street Journal came out with a scathing op-ed today. They labeled a potential second term for Joe Biden as a “historic mistake.” It’s not difficult to understand why they hold this position; the public should not elect an individual who is obviously in decline, especially at 80 years old. The editorial board had some choice words for those still supporting a second term. According to them, anyone asking the country to elect someone who would turn 86 during their second term is “borderline selfish.”

Furthermore, they suggested that it’s challenging to determine Biden’s physical and mental state because the White House goes through a great deal to hide it. Despite that, the board says that Biden’s decline is evident to anyone not “willfully blind.” They then went on to suggest that this decline is jeopardizing the chances of a Democratic presidency for years to come.

The op-ed then floats a terrifying scenario. If Biden does decline over the 19 months left until the next election, undecided voters could swing in a Republican nominee’s favor. The article even posits that it could be Donald Trump!

The board goes on to say that Kamala Harris would not be a successful candidate if Biden potentially had to drop out of the primary. They call on other Democrats to join the primary against Biden and argue that he’s doing the country a disservice by running.

This op-ed lays it all out while being unapologetically honest. Joe Biden is not in good shape, and the future of the country needs to be placed in more capable hands than those of an 84-year-old man. In 2008, Hillary Clinton ran an ad that stated she was prepared to take phone calls at 3 a.m. When faced with a crisis, could an 84-year-old Joe Biden answer that call at 3 p.m.?

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