Kathy Griffin Crosses Line with Grisly Anti-Trump Fantasy!

Kathy Griffin is at it again, folks! In her latest attempt to stay relevant, the washed-up comedian shared a photoshopped image of prosecutor Jack Smith holding a severed head of former President Donald Trump. Yes, you read that correctly. This is the same image that ruined Griffin’s career back in 2017, but I guess she just can’t seem to let it go.

Now, let’s talk about Jack Smith for a moment. This guy has been on a mission to take down Trump ever since he took office. He has brought not one, but two indictments against the former president, one for allegedly trying to overturn the 2020 election and the other for allegedly mishandling classified documents. Talk about a vendetta! And it seems like Griffin is more than happy to jump on the anti-Trump bandwagon.

But what’s really concerning is Griffin’s claim that she has an extreme case of PTSD because of the backlash she received for the original photo. Give me a break! PTSD is a serious condition that affects our brave veterans, not some washed-up comedian who can’t handle a little criticism. It’s insulting to those who have actually experienced trauma.

And let’s not forget that Griffin has a history of advocating for violence against Trump. In 2020, she tweeted that someone should use a syringe filled with air on him. This kind of rhetoric is dangerous and unacceptable. It’s no wonder she’s become a laughingstock in the entertainment industry.

Overall, Kathy Griffin’s latest stunt is just another desperate cry for attention. It’s sad to see someone so desperate to cling onto their fading relevance. But hey, at least it gives us conservatives something to laugh at.

Written by Staff Reports

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