LOL: See How Elon Musk Brilliantly Trolled AOC On Twitter

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and Chief Twit, said that everybody who registers up for Twitter Blue at a monthly cost of $8 will receive a checkmark. The objective is fairly clear. It will generate some money for Twitter in addition to fewer bots and aiding in authentic account identification.

Many blue-check lefties are outraged by the decision since they now realise they will no longer be among Twitter's elite users. The argument that asking for money for anything will only harm the poor follows naturally.

That would appear to be AOC's stance. According to what my colleague Nick Arama wrote, New York's socialist legislator, who has no expertise in business other than mixing margaritas, "lmao'd" at Musk for making free speech expensive ($8 per month).

Musk gave a brief but comically dismissive reply.

“Your feedback is appreciated, now pay $8.”

He wasn't through with her, though. Musk responded to his jab with his own haymaker. Musk visited AOC's website and saw that the activist was asking for inflated rates for her merchandise, including $58 for an extremely unattractive sweatshirt.

The significance is fairly clear. Musk wished to draw attention to how ridiculous it was for AOC to criticise him for charging $8 per month for a service on his website when she charges far more for much less. Little Miss "tax rich" is overcharging for apparel, which goes unmentioned as well.

To be clear, Musk is not charging $8 for free speech as AOC claimed; rather, he is doing so in order to provide you with more site perks, like as a verification badge, which are currently accessible to everyone for less than $10 per month.

Some may find Musk's continued criticism of the congresswoman to be a little too sensitive, but in the big picture, I believe this is exactly what our society needs. For a very long time, AOC has been treated with kid gloves, and it's about time she lost the advantage of playing at home. The communists who were in the background orchestrating her protection can no longer do so.

Additionally, in the digital era, it's common to "pick on someone your own size." Musk's assault will reveal AOC for the foolish person she is, and no one will be there to cover up the replies to it to save her. However, her supporters will run defence for her.

AOC has recently been losing a lot of ground. I'm pleased to see that she is relaxing quickly.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Red State.

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