[WATCH] Dem Candidate Is Toast After Embarrassing Himself On Live TV

It looks like John Fetterman is starting to realize that he is losing in his Senate race. He has made a complete 180 from some of his previous issues.

Fetterman has been praised for his ability to communicate effectively and efficiently. Those on the right, however, know better. Now, he is making a complete change in one of his liberal positions in order to get more votes.

Don Lemon, a CNN host, conducted a bit of reporting on Tuesday regarding Fetterman's past opposition to hydraulic fracturing.

Despite his lies about his past positions on the issue of hydraulic fracturing, the people are still aware of the real candidate.

The campaign of John Fetterman, the Democratic candidate for Senate in Pennsylvania, is in a state of disarray following his lackluster performance during the debate.

Fetterman's wife, who Rolling Stone refers to as the unofficial candidate, is making appearances in order to save her husband's Senate campaign. On Thursday, she appeared on a show called "Politicon," where she discussed the supposed racism and ableism in pools.

It is common for candidates to flip-flop on issues during the final days of an election. If it was for genuine reasons, such as an honest change of opinion, it could be excused, but when it is done to get votes, it is not good for democracy. America is in a fuel crisis, and the position the Biden administration took when he banned hydraulic fracturing is just ridiculous.

In the next few days, the people of Pennsylvania will have a clear choice regarding who they want to be their next senator. They can either elect a leader who will put the country first or they can choose a senator who can't even come up with his own opinions.

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