Men’s U.S. Soccer Team Embraces Woke Ideology With New Team Logo

In reaction to the host country Qatar's anti-homosexuality attitude, the United States Men's National Team (USMNT) updated their World Cup team emblem to include rainbow LGBTQ colour stripes.

The old USMNT emblem had "USA" at the top and a white shield with red stripes hanging from it. However, the Daily Mail reports that the team's emblem will now include rainbow-colored stripes in lieu of the all-red ones.

The World Cup matches in the country of Qatar, which has a majority of Muslims, start on Sunday, and team USA will play in its first match against Wales on Monday.

This year's World Cup games have been marred by ongoing debate about homosexuality. In the years leading up to the 2022 World Cup, Qatari authorities were vocal about how they felt about homosexuality. Recently, a Qatar World Cup representative said that homosexuality is still outlawed in Qatar, even for visiting athletes, and causes "damage in the mind." And in June, Mansoor Al Ansari, general secretary of the Qatar Football Association, issued a warning to spectators not to openly encourage homosexuality while in Qatar for the games.

In reality, Nasser al-Khater, the chief administrator of Qatar's World Cup, stated that public expressions of love are "frowned upon" in Qatar. He emphasised, “It’s not part of our culture and that goes across the board to everybody,”

James Cleverly, the British foreign secretary, even cautioned spectators and players to ” be respectful of the host nation” and its laws. and its laws in October, perhaps out of dread of the repercussions.

Gay people in Qatar are subject to a steep fine or a jail term of up to seven years if found guilty. Sodomy attracts a three-year jail term as well. Muslims who have extramarital affairs in Qatar are likewise subject to the death sentence under shariah law.

New US team logo sparks social media buzz

However, not everyone agreed with the US team's choice to make its emblem rainbow-colored. Some Americans claim that the action violates the country's red, white, and blue flag.

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