New Socialist Mayor Defends Rioters, Condones Destruction Of His Own City

Chicago Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson (D) has finally spoken over the weekend’s violence, as his hometown’s streets became a scene of utter debauchery just like every other metropolitan with Democratic mayoral leadership. Though we do not condone the violence and destruction that happened under this liberal leader’s nose, Johnson has chosen to deflect blame from the real culprits, the “out-of-control teenagers,” who ran amok under his watch on Saturday night.

This spineless politician is now pointing his finger at outside observers, telling us not to blame these young criminals for their rioting and willful destruction of property. Johnson instead wants us to feel sorry for them, claiming that they have been starved of opportunities in their communities. But where was Johnson’s plan to create opportunities for these young people to channel their energy more positively? Apparently, Johnson’s weak excuse for leadership doesn’t include any plans for keeping those he serves safe or making sure that police have the resources they need to protect the city’s residents and its visitors.

This is how the left is continuously undermining law and order in the country, letting these young thugs decide for themselves what is acceptable behavior. Johnson is advocating for more spaces for these young people to gather without any adult guidance and supervision – we even question if he cherishes the idea of making Chicago a safe and livable place, especially for those who want to build responsible careers and get ahead in life! Of course, these teenagers want to create their own kind of anarchy, imagining themselves owning the city’s streets and ruling their own fiefdom, a terrifying prospect for anyone who cares about order and security.

In fact, the situation in the Loop had become so dangerous that journalists who were covering the chaos were forced to leave the area, as the press became the object of the rioter’s wrath. Two teenagers got shot during the mayhem, and it would be unsurprising if there were unreported cases of injuries and assaults. It is time for the windy city to elect strong leaders who care about putting citizens first over progressive ideology, ensuring that violators should face justifiable consequences when they break the law.

Written by Staff Reports

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