House Republicans in Florida Have Proposed a Slew of Anti-Crime Measures

In Florida, there are plans to introduce legislation that would allow the death penalty to be imposed on individuals found guilty of committing sexual offenses against children. Other proposals would also toughen the penalties for repeat human trafficking and gun crimes.

House Speaker Paul Renner of Palm Coast held a press conference Wednesday to discuss the various bills that will be introduced this week.

During the start of the legislative session, Renner noted that the House was focused on expanding the rights of individuals to carry a gun in order to protect themselves and others.

One of the bills that was introduced by Rep. Jessica Baker of Jacksonville would allow a judge to sentence a person to death if they are found guilty of sexually abusing a child under the age of 12. Under the proposed legislation, at least eight jurors would have to agree to impose the sentence.

The bill might face a legal challenge due a 2008 Supreme Court decision that prevented the death penalty from being used only for cases that involved a death.

According to Renner, this bill would also strengthen the penalties for those who steal and use firearms. He noted that the House would be focusing on making these individuals pay a heavy price for their crimes.

Through the proposed legislation, law enforcers in Florida would also have access to additional resources to improve their efforts in tracking down gun crimes. These include the funding for faster DNA testing and ballistics analysis.

If a person committed a serious crime, he or she would be held accountable for their actions. While rehabilitation and diversion programs can help individuals change their behavior, the House speaker noted that the public's safety is also a top priority.

On Thursday, the House will take up several bills. These are all included in the special order calendar.

One of the bills that will be introduced by Rep. Sam Garrison of Fleming Island and Rep. John Snyder of Palm City would toughen the penalties for people who commit gun crimes. It would also increase the sentences for those who are involved in human trafficking.

The bill, which is known as House Bill 1627, would expand and standardize the types of offenses that are included in the pre-trial detention program. It also prohibits people from being released prior to their first appearance before a judge.

House Bill 555, which is sponsored by Clearwater Rep. Berny Jean Jacques, requires a jury to recommend the death penalty to be imposed if at least eight jurors believe that it should be done. Currently, all jurors have to agree on the sentence.

A bill by West Palm Beach Rep. David Silvers would prevent certain violent criminals from getting reduced probation terms.

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