Ocasio-Cortez’s Gaza Ceasefire Proposal: A Complete Debacle!

It seems that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) just can’t seem to get her talking points straight. Even CNN isn’t letting her slide on her flawed arguments. While she hasn’t been as pro-terrorist as some of her colleagues, she still manages to twist herself into knots trying to appease both sides. In an interview with CNN’s Abby Phillip, Ocasio-Cortez’s ceasefire argument completely imploded.

First, she dropped a major lie about Israel’s use of white phosphorus, claiming it was smoke bombs. Not only is this misinformation, but it undermines the seriousness of the situation. Second, Phillip pointed out that there had already been an attack, and she pressed Ocasio-Cortez on her position of Israel not responding. It’s clear that AOC lacks a coherent stance when it comes to dealing with Hamas.

AOC tries to argue that the supposed siege conditions in Gaza justify Hamas’ actions, but Phillip challenges her on the untenable position of keeping a terrorist group as a political and military force. AOC’s dodges and half-baked arguments only benefit the terrorists, as they prevent Israel from taking the necessary action to protect its citizens. The truth of the matter is simple: Israel was attacked, and they have every right to respond in order to eliminate this terrorist group from their borders.

The larger Israeli-Palestinian issue is a separate discussion, but for now, it’s clear that this is a military operation that needs to happen soon. AOC’s attempt to appease everyone only hinders the security and safety of Israel. It’s time for her to stop playing politics and start supporting our ally in the fight against terrorism.

Written by Staff Reports

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