First Lady Plays Savior, Ushers Confused President Off Stage!

In yet another embarrassing moment for President Joe Biden, a video of him struggling to find the exit after a speech has gone viral. The incident occurred at a dinner event organized by the left-wing Human Right’s Campaign, and it was only resolved when First Lady Jill Biden came forward to assist her confused husband. It’s becoming all too common for Biden to show signs of uncertainty and disorientation at public events, as evidenced by his recent mishap of walking off after awarding a Medal of Honor.

But it’s not just getting lost that has become a recurring theme for the president. Biden has a knack for making bizarre and nonsensical statements as well. During a visit to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, he told reporters that he has “no home to go to” when he’s out of the White House. It’s startling to think that the leader of the free world doesn’t have a place to call home.

These incidents, along with many others, have taken a toll on public opinion. According to a CNN poll, only 28% of Americans said the president inspires confidence, and a mere 26% believe Biden possesses the necessary stamina and sharpness to serve in the White House. It’s clear that the American people are losing faith in their leader.

It’s unfortunate to witness these moments of ineptitude from our president, but it’s even more disheartening to see the lack of accountability from the media. If this were Donald Trump stumbling and making unintelligible statements, the headlines would be relentless. But when it’s Biden, the media turns a blind eye. It’s time for the American people to demand better.

Written by Staff Reports

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