Poll: Most Americans Want Pete Buttigieg Out!

The public opinion of Pete Buttigieg, the current Transportation Secretary, has taken a sharp turn for the worse. A new Rassmussen survey found that 51 percent of Americans want him to resign due to his handling of the toxic train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio. This sentiment is shared by most independents, but only 35 percent of Democrats agree. Overall, just 36 percent say he should stay, and 13 percent are unsure.

Buttigieg’s political star has been steadily dimming since he entered his current role, which has been marked by a series of transportation-related disasters. Instead of taking responsibility for these issues, Buttigieg has been busy deflecting blame, particularly towards former President Trump. His delayed response to the East Palestine disaster, which came a day after Trump’s visit, was met with further criticism. Republican Mike Collins (Ga.) said, “As Ohioans fled their homes and worried about their health, the secretary of transportation was on TV whining about too many white people in construction industries.”

Despite the mounting pressure, Buttigieg has refused to resign, saying, “No, I serve at the pleasure of the president and I’m proud to be doing this work.” He continues to receive support from President Biden, who previously dismissed Buttigieg as inexperienced during the 2020 Democratic primary. The White House even lashed out after former Vice President Mike Pence made a joke about Buttigieg taking “maternity leave” for his adopted twins.

It is clear that Pete Buttigieg is not fit to serve as Transportation Secretary and should resign immediately. His poor job performance has been a source of embarrassment for the Biden administration and an affront to the American people. His refusal to take responsibility for his mistakes and his eagerness to point the finger at others is a testament to his lack of character and integrity. It is time for Buttigieg to step down and for President Biden to find someone who is more qualified and better suited for the job.

Written by Staff Reports

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