Prayer in Schools: Why it Must be Defended at all Cost

Prayer in schools has been a hotly debated issue for many years. There are many people who believe that prayer in schools should be banned, while there are also those who feel it is a great way for children to learn about religion. This article will discuss why I believe prayer in schools must be defended at all costs and how we can do so.

Some of the reasons for its defense

Prayer in public schools is an important part of American culture. It has a long and storied history, dating back to the founding of our great nation. It was a part of our country’s history before it was even officially a country, when it was just a bunch of colonies united under one flag. Prayer in public schools is also an important part of world history; it originated with Jesus himself in the Bible. The very first verse reads: “In the beginning there was God.”

And most importantly, prayer in public schools is also an integral part of human history–the first time we ever saw humans start praying for anything other than food or shelter was at some point around ten thousand years ago when people started using stone knives to carve animal bones into little figurines that they could use as offerings or sacrifices to their gods (who were thought to be real).

What can be done?

If you support prayer in schools, there are a number of things you can do to help.

  • Support school prayer in the media. You can write letters to the editor and op-eds on why it’s important for students to have a say in their education and how that can best happen through the practice of prayer.
  • Bring up school prayer at all opportunities. Talk about it in your family, at work, or anywhere else where people may be willing (or not) to hear what you have to say about it.
  • Support school prayer at home by praying with your children every night before bedtime using this guide: https://www.prayforuskidsnow .com/blog/how-to -start-your-familys-prayer -life/.
  • Support school prayer in your community by helping out with charity events or volunteering as an usher at local churches so that there are more opportunities for other children (and adults) who want their voices heard when talking about religion’s role within our society today​

Prayer in schools needs to be widely defended at all costs.

There is a growing movement to ban prayer in schools. This should not be allowed to happen, as it would violate the First Amendment and fly in the face of American tradition.

While it’s true that school prayer is not specifically mentioned in the Constitution, there are other things that are also not mentioned but are protected nonetheless: gun ownership and speech, for example. Those who say that schools should be secular institutions like prisons or military bases are ignoring history and common sense: America was founded on religious principles! The Founding Fathers were devout Christians; they wanted their children educated in those same beliefs so they could pass them on to future generations—and thus far we have been successful at this goal because our nation has yet to fall apart due to lack of faith!


Prayer in schools is a deeply important and powerful tradition that no one should be allowed to take away. If you’re against prayer in schools, then I have nothing but contempt for your position and will do everything I can to silence your voice.

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