Prosecutors Ready to Charge Trump with RICO

As the Left continues to push for a criminal investigation into former President Trump, it is important to remember that this is yet another example of the Left’s attempt to silence conservative voices and opinions. It is clear that the Left is trying to use the criminal justice system to target the former president and his supporters in an effort to prevent them from running for office in the future.

The investigation into Trump’s alleged involvement in the Georgia election is yet another example of the Left’s attempts to use the criminal justice system to target conservatives and their ideas. The evidence that has been presented thus far is highly circumstantial and does not provide any concrete proof of wrongdoing. Furthermore, there is no evidence that Trump or any of his supporters were involved in any illegal activities or voter fraud.

The Left’s attempts to criminalize political differences are a dangerous precedent that should not be tolerated. It is important to remember that the criminal justice system should not be used as a tool to silence political opponents or to settle political disputes. This type of behavior is antithetical to the values of democracy and should not be tolerated in a free and open society.

Written by Staff Reports

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