Radical Leftist Judge Endangers Innocent Lives with Insane Rulings.

Radical leftist judges are shrouding New York City with their dangerous ideologies, and it seems that Supreme Court Judge Naita Semaj is one of those who thinks that criminals should be let loose on the streets. As per the latest report in the New York Post, the radical judge has been removed from overseeing criminal cases and will now begin seeing civil cases next week. This has come as a punishment for her ridiculous and bizarre behavior, which had been taking place unnoticed for far too long.

Semaj’s latest mistake was releasing a child-killer without bail, making us wonder what sort of message she is trying to send to society. It took the intervention of Governor Kathy Hochul to lock up the suspect again, revealing how the leftist judge was prepared to put the lives of innocent children at risk for whatever insane reason.

The judge’s controversial decision to release the child-killer is the tip of the iceberg. Reports suggest that she is also being probed for unacceptable and unprofessional behavior inside the courtroom. Should these allegations be substantiated, it is unacceptable that she should remain in such a critical and responsible position.

It is good news that the judge has been removed from criminal cases, but it should not have taken this long to happen. This delay is no doubt due to the spread of radical leftist policies instilled within the Judiciary system. It is time to take back control over our city from these radical and misguided judges and prosecutors. The judge could learn a thing or two from conservatives who understand that justice, safety, and the rule of law come first.

Written by Staff Reports

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