VIDEO: More DISTURBING Footage Of Joe Biden’s ‘Touching Problem’ Emerge

It’s not surprising that many of the actions Biden has been accused of making around women, young girls, and even older individuals come under scrutiny. In a video catalog that has been circulating online, we can see him inappropriately touching women and girls in various inappropriate ways.

This behavior has been happening for a long time, and it's very clear that it's not something that's new. Therefore, it should be very closely watched.

Joe Biden is a predator. I've always believed that he is a sexual predator, and when his daughter, who was only 17 at the time, admitted in her diary that she and her father took inappropriate showers, it made me realize that this behavior was not something that was new. The media has been very busy trying to protect Joe and the progressive agenda.

According to a report by MSN, sexual allegations have been emerging from the diary of Biden's daughter, Ashley. In her diary, she wrote that she and her father took inappropriate showers when she was 17 years old.

The reported that Ashley Biden, who was a drug addict, left her diary under a mattress in a halfway house in Florida. It reportedly talked about her struggles with sex addiction and drug abuse.

In her diary, Ashley Biden also wrote about instances where she and her father took inappropriate showers when she was 17 years old.

According to, a woman from Florida who stayed in the room where Ashley Biden was staying in 2020 found the diary and sold it to Project Veritas, a conservative media organization. The outlet claims that the Bidens reported it stolen. The woman, identified as Aimee Harris, is currently being investigated by the FBI for her involvement in the diary.

These are very serious allegations, and I can promise that if these were coming from the diary of White House adviser and former first daughter, Ivanka, they would be on the news every day. However, due to Biden's status, hardly anyone has heard about these allegations.

People who have watched how Biden interacts with women, including his young granddaughter, should be very careful. They should also keep in mind that these red flags often go off immediately.

Recently, a video was released that showed Biden placing something on his daughter's chest, and he was also seen leaving his hand in a intimate area for a long time.

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