Tenney Targets Biden’s Tenure: Time for the 25th?

In a bold move, Rep. Claudia Tenney has taken aim at President Joe Biden, demanding that he be removed from office based on a report from special counsel Robert Hur. Tenney, a New York Republican, has written a scathing letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland, urging him and the president’s Cabinet to take action according to the 25th Amendment.

The report from special counsel Robert Hur has raised eyebrows and blood pressures alike, with some shocking statements about Biden’s mental state. Hur’s report cites Biden as a “sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory,” making it difficult to prosecute him for any potential wrongdoings based on intent. Well, isn’t that a convenient excuse? But it doesn’t stop there. Tenney has seized upon this report and used it as ammo in her demand for Biden’s removal, arguing that if he’s not fit to stand trial, then why on earth is he fit to lead our great nation?

Tenney has minced no words in her letter to Garland, pointing out Biden’s inability to remember important details, such as the positions he held and even the timing of his own child’s passing. Now, if that doesn’t raise your eyebrows, nothing will! She’s got a point – if Biden can’t even recall basic details, how can he be expected to carry out the duties of the presidency?

Furthermore, Tenney makes it crystal clear that there is no middle ground here. It’s either Biden gets charged or he gets the boot. Period. She is demanding action according to the 25th Amendment, which provides a process for removing a president if his Cabinet determines he’s incapable of serving. But let’s face it; with Biden’s cronies making up much of his Cabinet, the chance of them turning against their dear leader seems slimmer than a toothpick.

As if that’s not enough, Tenney took to social media to amplify her message, calling for Biden to either face the music or step down. She’s keeping up the pressure and won’t be silenced by the left-wing noise machine. And who can blame her? When the future of our great nation is at stake, there’s no time for mincing words or playing nice.

But here’s the real lowdown – the left-wing elites and their Big Tech allies are doing everything in their power to shut down voices like Tenney’s and keep the truth from reaching the American people. These brave warriors at The Western Journal are fighting tooth and nail to keep the flame of truth burning bright, but they need your help. It’s an uphill battle against the powerful forces that want to silence conservative voices and undermine our beloved nation.

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Written by Staff Reports

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