The Conservatives Have Won, But Will They Use Their Power This Time?

It’s common for conservatives to feel a rush on election night. After a few years, those who were hostile to the country's history, attacked the police, and persecuted Christians were finally sent packing.

It’s always good to get away from a destructive party like the Democratic Party. However, there’s one problem with this step.

During the special election for the Senate seat held by the late Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts, many people participated in the process. After Barack Obama was elected, he issued his signature legislation to expand government control over health care. The backlash against his overreaches and the elitists within the Republican Party had brought out a new group of

Americans. If Scott Brown were to win the election, he would be able to break Obama's supermajority and prevent his signature legislation from becoming law.The excitement about the election started to spread as the days went by. For instance, a couple of days before the election, my parents took a commercial flight to Massachusetts. During the flight, the pilot asked an infuriated passenger to come to the front of the plane so that Sen. Scott Brown could address the crowd. After the election, I went home to vote and spent my last dollar at the campaign's hotel.

During the campaign, the speakers played the upbeat "Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night" song. Governor Mitt Romney was also interviewed by television networks.
I still have the Boston Globe story about the election of Scott Brown, which I saved because I thought he could stop the implementation of the health care reform bill known as "Obamacare."

The Republican Party underestimated how hard it would be for their opponents to win. Even though Brown was elected, the law still stands.
After the election, Americans went back to Washington for another go at sending their men to the nation's capital. The "tea party" movement was so strong that even the president admitted that his party had lost touch with the voters.

Despite his victory, Brown vowed to continue fighting for his agenda, which included reinstating American citizenship and using executive power.
In 2016, a total outsider was elected as the new president. Despite the years of conspiracy theories, he was able to carry out his duties without owing anything to anyone. Two years later, the

Republicans are back.

Although neither Kevin McCarthy nor Mitch McConnell will be able to win the presidency, they will still be able to gain the power of the purse and the nominations.
Will they halt the president’s extremely successful judicial nomination record? Halt it completely, without exception?

They will also question the president's actions regarding the billions of dollars that the US has given to Ukraine.

Will they claw back the IRS’s newfound funds, or leave their tens of thousands of new agents on the job?

For years now, the government has been sending $45 billion to America's leftist universities.They will also demand the funding of a wall, an end to funding for abortion, and the confirmation of all ambassador positions that are dedicated to spreading the Left's culture war.

Will they break up the Big Tech companies who wield their power to control the flow of information to voters? Or on all these issues, will they just tinker around the edges and go on Fox News to crow about it.The election may have been fun, but it's also very common for voters to wake up next to a stranger who's planning on staying in office for the next two years.

Despite the numerous issues that have been presented to the public, the conservative movement has been losing for a long time now. If they are going to change, they will need to think of themselves as revolutionaries.

They will be facing an army of powerful individuals, including the president, his cabinet, Wall Street, and the Pentagon.

After a century of being defeated, some people finally realize the power that the West has been using against them. Although we've been losing for a long time, we're starting to fight back. Voting on Election Day doesn't mean that you can beat the government. Instead, you have to make hell every day.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on THE FEDERALIST.

Written by Staff Reports

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