[WATCH] Liberal ‘View’ Host Admits To Election Fraud Live On-Air

The hosts of "The View" often have a unique perspective when it comes to saying ridiculous things. One of them is Sunny Hostin, who recently made a big deal out of how white suburban women were shifting toward the Republicans.

According to Hostin, she read a report that said that white suburban women were voting for the Republicans. This is not the way to convince people to support your party, especially when you're calling them roaches. Hostin's comments were upsetting, as I wrote earlier that this shift could prove catastrophic for the Democrats.

Many people were outraged by Hostin's comments, as they claimed that she was completely unaware of the reasons why voters were leaving the Democratic Party. She stated that the policies of the Democrats have led to the rise of radical leftist extremism and inflation, as well as brought about crime and poverty. Hostin also claimed that the party was focused on demonizing its opponents instead of addressing the issues that affected people.

On Election Day, Hostin caused a stir again when she said that she was "voting for" her son. She claimed that she had a hard time casting an absentee ballot for her son, which made her incredibly concerned.

When she went to the polls, she was told that she had to put her ballot inside an orange bag, which looked like a Target bag. Hostin then asked the clerk if there was an election box that said "Absentee ballots." The clerk then found the ballot.

People were outraged by Hostin's comments, as she seemingly admitted that she had done something wrong and that she had difficulty voting for her son. Her explanation didn't include all of the blanks, and it seemed like she was trying to modify her statement.

In New York, you can designate someone to take your absentee ballot, but you have to fill it out for yourself. This means that Hostin could not be able to vote for her son.

Hostin was trying to ask a question about the bag, but she should be more concerned if the answers to her questions are the wrong ones. Her co-hosts did not seem to have a problem with what she said.

Let's talk about the other issue. Hostin was trying to ask a question about the bag, but she should be more concerned if the answers to her questions are the wrong ones. She seems to be saying that it's okay to raise doubts and questions about voting if the Democrats do. Is Hostin trying to blame the Democrats for her issues or is she just talking about her own behavior? It's cool to ask questions about a bag, but not about why machines aren't working or why the Democrats are allegedly preparing for a long count.

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