Top Dem ALREADY Threating Trump Impeachment

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) has cautioned former President Donald Trump that he could face impeachment if he were to become president again and grant pardons to the defendants of the January 6th Capitol riot. It is not surprising that the left would take action against Trump, regardless of the legitimacy of the grounds.

Blumenthal argued that pardoning the insurrectionists would be a violation of the American trust, which would be egregious enough to warrant an impeachment process. He further suggested that the motivations and possible influences behind such pardons would be unacceptable.

During a town hall hosted by CNN on Wednesday evening, Trump disclosed that he might consider pardoning certain individuals who are facing charges related to the January 6th incident. He claimed that these individuals were unjustly targeted and suggested that a significant number of them could be pardoned. Trump also remarked that these individuals are currently experiencing a great deal of hardship.

It is important to mention that only one of the defendants brought weapons into the Capitol building. Moreover, videos have emerged showing Capitol Police officers opening doors for protesters, leading them to the Senate chamber, and monitoring their movements.

Furthermore, Blumenthal made several inaccurate assertions in his condemnation of the former president, including the assertion that J6 rioters were responsible for killing Capitol Police officers. The primary distortion was that they were responsible for the death of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, who actually died of natural causes the day following the riot and not as a result of the Capitol Hill violence.

It is interesting to note that the U.S. government was never at risk of falling under the control of the rioters. In fact, Congress was evacuated due to a pipe bomb threat at the Democratic National Committee headquarters rather than due to physical threats posed by the rioters. The culprits behind the pipe bomb threat remain unidentified.

It’s clear that the left is trying to demonize the J6 protesters as insurrectionists, but their claims don’t hold up to scrutiny. Hopefully, Trump will pardon some of the defendants, granting them the justice they deserve.

Written by Staff Reports

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