Trump Slams DeSantis’ “Lack Of Personality” And “Disloyalty” In Fiery Interview

Former President Donald Trump showcased his characteristic candor and wit in a recent interview with The Messenger, where he criticized Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for lacking political skill and, more importantly, “personality.” Trump, whose 2024 presidential campaign announcement garnered great anticipation from patriots across the nation, expressed his disappointment in DeSantis, whom he had endorsed and campaigned for in 2018. According to the former president, if he had “left it alone,” DeSantis wouldn’t have won even by 30 points.

“I’m doing much better against him (Biden) than he is in the polls, and I’m doing much better against (DeSantis). I mean, I’m beating him by 40 points in some polls…” said Trump. He called DeSantis “disloyal” and even claimed that if DeSantis ever decides to run for president, he would be risking the loss of MAGA votes forever. According to recent polls, Trump still far outpaces DeSantis in the running, making him a top challenger if and when DeSantis does decide to run.

The former president appeared to be frustrated with DeSantis during the interview, calling him “Ron DeSanctimonious” at a Pennsylvania rally in November. He even admitted to the reporters that he regrets endorsing DeSantis for governor. Trump is known for his loyalty and faithfulness, the reason why he gives nicknames to people whom he feels have betrayed him or were not loyal enough to him.

Trump’s endorsement decision tends to carry significant weight among Republicans, particularly those who still look up to him for guidance and direction. Regardless, Trump is confident that he will continue to do well in the polls and beyond. As of now, the former president is solidifying his base, spreading his message, and planning his next move, just as he’s always done.

Source: The Daily Caller

Written by Staff Reports

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