Trump gives 7 HOUR testimony in Letitia James lawsuit

Former President Donald Trump was eager to testify during his second deposition in Letitia James’ civil suit against him. He met with lawyers from James’ prosecution team and was reportedly willing to answer questions for seven hours, hoping to educate James about his incredible business success with his multibillion-dollar company. Although Trump had previously invoked his Fifth Amendment rights in the first deposition of the case, he now remained resolute in his stance that he had nothing to conceal. According to Trump’s attorney, Alina Habba, the GOP kingpin was “not only willing but also eager to testify.”

Trump spent almost seven hours where he had the chance to describe his extraordinary business success. The transactions at the center of this case were hugely profitable for the Trump entities and the banks, said Trump’s business lawyer, Christopher Kise. He also noted that when the facts of this successful business venture were brought to light, everyone would scoff at the notion that any fraud had taken place.

Trump’s business success surrounded the case, and not politically engineered soundbites distributed by Democrats to corrupt the outcome of the case. Despite facing a lawsuit in October, Trump is not worried as he took to Truth Social to blast the charge, stating that the case is ridiculous, just like any other election interference cases that have been brought against him.

Moreover, the former president is already dealing with 34 felony charges related to hush money payments made to porn star Stormy Daniels. Although the attorneys are not expected back in court for Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case against Trump until December of 2023.

With immense success people such as Donald Trump can achieve, it’s humbling to see the left-wing liberals try to take it all away from them. The case against Trump is a clear example of this. He has worked hard, and his multibillion-dollar company is evidence of that. He is eager to bring his business’s facts to the forefront and show the world that no fraud has taken place. So, let us all sit back, watch the proceedings and continue to Make America Great Again!

Written by Staff Reports

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