Trump Reveals Plan To END Gender Ideology & Trans Grooming

In his first major speech since leaving office, Donald Trump said that he would reverse the "gender-affirming" care policy in schools and combat gender ideology.

In a video posted to social media platforms, Trump said that he would stop the "chemical, emotional, and physical mutilation" of children. He also vowed to fight against what he referred to as "left wing gender insanity."

Trump also proposed an executive order that would direct federal agencies to stop supporting programs that promote gender transition and sex change.

In addition, Trump said he would ask Congress to stop funding programs that promote or support sex change and child sexual mutilation. He also proposed legislation that would explicitly state that male and female individuals are the only two genders.

Trump's plan would prevent healthcare providers and hospitals that perform procedures related to sex change from providing services to minors. He also supported a private right for individuals who have undergone such procedures as minors to sue the doctors involved.

The president also said he would establish a task force within the Justice Department to investigate hospitals and pharmaceutical companies to determine if they had covered up the side effects of sex change procedures.

Trump also said that he would ask the Education Department to prevent teachers from teaching about gender identity in schools. He said this would help promote positive lessons about the nuclear family.

"Trump said that parents should not be telling their children that they are born with a different gender identity. He referred to this as a concept that was invented by the radical left in the past few years. He vowed to end what he referred to the madness caused by this ideology."

His plan for education, which was unveiled on Jan. 27, also overlapped with Trump's 2024 presidential campaign. The president started his campaign on January 28 with a rally in South Carolina and New Hampshire.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Daily Caller.

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