Trump Says DeSantis Can’t Beat Him in GOP Primaries…Agrees with Megyn Kelly

Tensions between Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are escalating. The former president took to his Truth Social platform to agree with Megyn Kelly, who said that DeSantis would not be able to beat Trump in a potential Republican primary for president in 2024.

Trump responded to Kelly's statement on Dave Rubin's show on the right-wing radio station, stating that he agreed with her. According to Kelly, DeSantis would eventually fold due to Trump's popularity and the loyalty of his base.

During the interview, Rubin asked Kelly if she thought that DeSantis was too smart for the job. She said that Trump was too powerful and that he would not be able to overcome his energy levels.

Despite the growing support for DeSantis among Trump's loyal followers, Kelly maintained that the president's core supporters would still support him.

Kelly also noted that the hardcore supporters of Trump would not abandon the president for DeSantis. However, they do not think that it's DeSantis' turn yet.

According to Kelly, Trump's supporters believe that DeSantis rise is due to the former president's political stature for his rise in recent years.

Kelly noted that the hardcore supporters of Trump would not support DeSantis. They believe that he owes his political career to Trump.

Last week, the former president criticized the endorsement of Joe O'Dea, a Colorado Senate candidate, by DeSantis. He called it a big mistake on Truth Social.

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