Trump VOWS to obliterate Deep State and reshape Republican Party!

Former President Donald Trump recently ruffled some feathers when he boldly claimed that the “old Republican Party is gone, and it is never coming back.” Speaking at a Republican National Committee donors’ conference on Saturday, Trump praised himself for remaking the GOP’s approach to illegal immigration, foreign policy, and federal entitlement programs. He boasted about his 2016 victory as a victory over “the establishment class” and asserted that he needs another term to finish the job.

In his speech, Trump promised that the Republican Party, under his leadership, will be an “unstoppable juggernaut that will dominate American politics for generations to come.” He vowed to totally obliterate the Deep State and have the Department of Justice target “Marxist” or “racist-in-reverse” prosecutors. Additionally, Trump promised an executive order to financially punish schools that teach critical race theory or “inappropriate” sexual material, as well as schools and colleges which implement mask or vaccine requirements.

Trump even went as far as to say that he would promote earlier voting and ballot harvesting among Republicans, despite previously deriding these ideas. Earlier this year, the former president endorsed early voting and ballot harvesting and even created a ballot harvesting fund. He claimed that the Democrats had been using ballot harvesting to “cancel out your vote and walk away with elections that they NEVER should have won.”

All in all, Trump promises to shake things up and promote true conservative values in the Republican Party. He aims to create a Republican Party that upholds its values of strong foreign policy, responsible handling of entitlement programs, and enforcement of immigration laws. Will Trump’s bold move to lead the Republican Party to a brighter future be a success? Time will tell.

Written by Staff Reports

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