Kamala Makes It Clear: She WILL Come For Your Guns

The Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, has been dominating the national conversations on recent policy pushes, which has provided her a massive platform as she prepares to launch a reelection campaign with President Joe Biden. Harris returned from her trip to Africa at the end of last month as the highest-ranking official from the Biden administration ever to visit the continent. A significant focus of her journey was centered on enhancing economic opportunities for women, and efforts to adapt to a changing climate. However, her recent involvement in the safeguarding of reproductive rights has solidified her stance as a politically biased individual trying to push her agenda.

The radical Vice President has once again found herself in the position of being the administration’s main voice on safeguarding reproductive rights in the face of Florida’s verdict against a common abortion medication and a Florida ban on the operation after six weeks of pregnancy. Both decisions were announced in Florida, which automatically puts Harris in the spotlight as she is leading the abortion crusade for the Biden Administration.

Although Democrats are thrilled with the Vice President on these issues since it helps them create a clear distinction between Democratic and Republican parties, conservative citizens find her activism repulsive. Harris should be focused on her duties as Vice President, rather than pushing her radical views towards society.

Amidst accusations of promoting a radical pro-abortion agenda, Harris is also urging for harsher gun laws. Recently, she hurriedly planned a trip to Nashville to show support for two black Democrats expelled from the Tennessee senate for participation in demonstrations against gun violence. Harris was praised for the speed at which she organized the trip, making people wonder if this was a part of a long term plan rather than a spontaneous act.

Harris was thrust into the center of the national news story after signing the moratorium on abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, which is concerning. Many women are unaware that they are pregnant at that stage, leading to restricted abortion rights throughout the south. Although the department of justice has appealed against the decision, Harris still hosted a meeting to discuss ways to safeguard patient privacy.

Despite her controversial stance, Harris continues to push her pro-abortion and anti-gun views. It’s vital for Republican voters, leading up to the 2022 Midterm Elections, to remind themselves of her radical activism to avoid any confusion before casting their vote.

Written by Staff Reports

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