Tucker Carlson Battles Fox: Non-Compete at Stake, Bannon Fumes

Tucker Carlson, the famous conservative Fox News personality is now at war with the network. Carlson is accusing Fox of a breach of contract as he has future broadcasting plans. Reports indicate that his lawyer has written a letter to the network arguing that the non-compete clause of his contract is no longer valid, and he should be free to launch a new show.

While Carlson plans to launch his new show on Twitter, his departure from Fox is still uncertain, and this could keep him off the air until 2025. It is also known that Fox wants to keep paying him, preventing him from starting a competing show. It is apparent that Carlson already has several eye-popping offers from different right-wing outlets. He has even talked to Elon Musk about working together.

This development has led to calls for conservatives to switch off Fox News, and Steve Bannon has criticized the network, claiming they are trying to silence Carlson through the legal dispute. Sadly, as per the current agreement, Tucker Carlson would be kept from any new program until after the next presidential election.

This issue has not gone well with Carlson’s supporters, and his lawyers are working tirelessly to find a way to allow him to return to broadcasting shortly, so he can make an impact on the future of America ahead of the approaching presidential primaries scheduled for next year. After all, free speech is the main right that everyone has, and without it, we are left with none.

Source: Conservative Institute

Written by Staff Reports

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