Biden’s Inflation Act Bluff: Not About Economy After All!

At a fancy fundraising shindig, President Biden let slip that his so-called Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) wasn’t even meant to reduce inflation. Oops! “I wish I hadn’t called it that,” Biden confessed, “because it has less to do with reducing inflation than it does with providing for alternatives that generate economic growth.” Well, isn’t that just fabulous? It’s like when you order a steak and they bring you a salad instead. Talk about false advertising!

This admission is a real whopper considering the White House’s previous stance. They’ve been insisting all along that the IRA was the antidote to our current inflation crisis. But now, Biden is singing a different tune. It’s like he’s saying, “Inflation? What inflation? Nah, let’s focus on economic growth instead!” I gotta say, I’m relieved that the President finally came clean. It’s about time someone in the administration admitted that they don’t have a clue how to tackle inflation.

And let’s not forget the political theatrics that went into passing this legislation. Senator Joe Manchin was originally against it, but magically changed his mind after a few tweaks were made and it was rebranded as The Inflation Reduction Act. What a masterful rebranding! I guess all it takes is a shiny new name to win Manchin over. Talk about a flip-flopper. But Biden was so grateful for Manchin’s support that he gave him a fancy pen as a thank-you gift. Wow, Biden really knows how to butter up his fellow politicians.

All in all, this whole ordeal just goes to show how the Democrats will do whatever it takes to push their agenda, even if it means deceiving the American people about their true intentions. The Inflation Reduction Act was never really about reducing inflation, and now we have a President who’s openly admitting it. Well done, Democrats. Keep up the great work.

Written by Staff Reports

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