WATCH: Saturday Night Live Jokes About Biden’s Brain Damage During Hilarious Burn…

“SNL” hilariously suggested that President Biden might have suffered a brain injury during a joke by Michael Che, who hosts the show’s “Weekend Update.”

After news broke that the president had signed a bill to avert a strike by railway workers, Che made the joke about Biden’s possible brain injury.

He joked that the bill did not provide for paid sick leave. Biden reportedly showed up at work every day with a full-blown case of CTE.

The term CTE refers to a type of brain disease that is usually triggered by repeated brain trauma. It can cause various symptoms such as memory loss and dementia.

Despite Biden’s numerous controversial statements, “SNL” has largely avoided making fun of him during his first few years in office.

However, in October, the sketch comedy show started making fun of Biden’s various public appearances and his habit of avoiding reporters. One of the show’s segments featured comedian Colin Jost mocking Biden’s flub.

In another segment, Biden’s age and various other issues were made fun of by the show. It made Americans “Snap” in a fake game show.

The show also had a hilarious fake horror movie trailer that featured young liberals in fear that Biden might run again in 2024.

Between January 30, 2021, and January 22, 2022, Biden was only made fun of three times during the show’s cold opening. Compared to Trump, who was mocked by Alec Baldwin 11 times during his first year in office, Biden was not featured in a parody of the president during his first eight months.

But these recent skits make it seem like even SNL is tired of Biden’s blundering ways.

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