GOP Lawmakers Criticize Biden Administration’s Vaccine Injury Program

As the US government struggles to address the issues related to the COVID vaccine program, two congressmen from Georgia are asking the Biden administration to provide them with more information.

In a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra, Congressman Mike Collins noted that the agency's Countermeasure Injury Compensation Program is supposed to provide financial compensation to the families of individuals who died due to the use or administration of certain countermeasures. Some of the eligible expenses include medical expenses, lost income, and the survivor benefit.

According to Collins, many people who were injured due to the use of the COVID vaccine are experiencing issues with the program. This is because the Biden administration had ordered the shots for many of the victims. These individuals are now facing tremendous personal and financial burdens due to the program's problems.

In his letter, Collins noted that many of the victims in his state have experienced delays in the processing of their claims, unfavorable decisions, and burdensome requirements.

A report by a local television station stated that over half of the people who have submitted claims for the CICP believed that the COVID-19 vaccine was the cause of their injuries.

According to Allen Storey, he was initially excited about the vaccine. However, after getting the shot, he developed a brain stem stroke.

He first started feeling dizzy and eventually became unable to communicate.

Due to his injury, Allen and his wife could not work anymore. He also had to rely on Beverly for his care. They had to find a place for Allen's wheelchair.

Before he got the COVID-19 vaccine, Allen was considered generally healthy. The couple believes that the shot caused his condition.

They tried to seek help through the CICP, but no relief arrived.

According to Beverly, the logistics and cost of filing a claim were some of the issues that prevented them from receiving adequate assistance.

Two years after sending Allen's medical records and other information to the HHS program, Beverly still hasn't received a response from the CICP.

Storey said that the agency has failed to provide any response to his letters and calls. He also said that he doesn't understand how the CICP can't read his letters and respond properly.

The number of claims related to the COVID-19 vaccine has reached over 11,000. However, only 19 of the 543 decisions made by the CICP have been deemed as eligible for compensation. A total of 524 applicants were also denied.

Out of the 11,447 claims that have been submitted, 8,447 claim that they were caused by the vaccines. On the other hand, 2,749 claims were made by individuals who were injured due to the other COVID-19 vaccines.

In June, a report by Politico revealed that the CICP had been overwhelmed by the number of complaints regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.

David Bowman, a spokesperson for the HHS, said that the high standard that the agency uses when determining if a person is eligible for compensation is the reason why only a few people were able to receive help from the program.

According to Christina Ciampolillo, the president of a vaccine injury group, the lack of a judicial review and the agency's refusal to provide adequate information regarding the reasons behind the rejected claims have led to the delays in the processing of their cases.

Vaccine injury lawyer and clinic director Gentry told Politico that despite the rare nature of the injuries caused by the vaccine, there were still cases of significant injuries that led to deaths.

In response, Collins wrote a letter to the CICP, stating that the difficulties experienced by the people trying to navigate through the program were unacceptable.

In her letter, Collins noted that the administration had repeatedly urged Americans to get the COVID-19 vaccine despite the fact that it was known to cause side-effects. She also accused the agency of suppressing the reports about the vaccine's side effects.

As the number of people who have been vaccinated has increased, it is now the responsibility of the agency to provide adequate assistance to those who suffered side effects from the vaccine, Collins noted.

During an interview, he said that Congress should take over the operations of the agency and force it to provide the necessary information to the members of the House and Senate about the issues related to the COVID-19 vaccination.

Rep. Rich McCormick of Georgia, who also sent a letter to the CICP, demanded that the agency and the Department of Health address the issues that have affected the processing of the claims.

A representative for McCormick's office stated that the congressman was working with other congressmen and doctors to address the issue.

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