Is Fox News Moving Away From The Pro-Trump Movement?

Suzanne Scott, the CEO of Fox News, reportedly fired Tucker Carlson, the most prominent conservative voice on the network. According to sources, Carlson was surprised by the sudden move, and he was not informed of his termination. This news came just days after the company settled a major defamation lawsuit. It is believed that Rupert, the owner of Fox News, wanted to change the channel's direction.

Brian Kilmeade's "Fox News Tonight" show took over for Tucker Carlson after his sudden departure. The world has to accept it, and the show must start. Carlson's departure came amidst multiple lawsuits, including one brought by Abby Grossberg, a former Fox News booker.

The departure of Dan Bongino and Tucker Carlson, two of the most prominent voices on Fox News, suggests that the network is shifting away from its pro-Trump base. In a leaked court document, Paul Ryan, a member of the board, stated that it was time for the network to start moving away from the principles of Trumpism. It is not clear if the network will cut ties with other pro-Trump voices ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

According to Kyle Becker, on Twitter, the decision to remove Dan Bongino and Tucker Carlson from Fox News shows the network's intention to cut ties with Donald Trump's supporters. It is also a sad day for the conservative movement as Carlson was one of the network's best assets. Regardless of their reasons, he will not be able to continue to appear on the air.

Source: Trending Politics

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