Marjorie Taylor Greene uncovers shocking truths about Biden crime family

Outspoken conservative representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is not one to hold back her critical views, especially when it comes to President Biden and his family. Greene, along with several lawmakers from the House Oversight Committee, reviewed thousands of financial records at the Treasury Department, and what she found was deeply concerning.

Greene alleges that the Biden family is not just involved in shady business dealings with China but also in a potential sex trafficking scheme. According to Greene, the “Biden crime family” financially benefitted from the president’s past positions of authority by soliciting prostitutes from both the United States and abroad, in countries like Russia and Ukraine.

While Hunter Biden’s drug and sex-crazed past has already been exposed before the 2020 election, Greene insists that the House Oversight Committee can connect more family members to financial transactions involving some of the women involved with Hunter. With such evidence, Greene’s speculation seems to hold weight in the current situation.

Despite the gravity of these allegations, the mainstream media seems to be ignoring them. But Greene remains steadfast in her view that the American people deserve to know the crimes the Biden family has been involved in. She even claimed to have seen evidence of human trafficking during her review of the financial records.

The investigation may seem unbelievable, but Greene is determined to expose just how corrupt the whole Biden family is, not just the president and his son. The goal of the investigation is to reveal the web of corruption surrounding the Biden family, including the fake companies they have set up to funnel money from foreign countries directly into their personal bank accounts.

With subpoenaed bank records dating back 14 years, Republicans are confident that the investigation will uncover the lies and deceitfulness that Biden has been hiding for years. House Oversight Chair James Comer is leading the charge in this investigation as they aim to shine a light on the corruption that has been festering in the Biden family for far too long.

Written by Staff Reports

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