New Haircut, New Scam? Unraveling Hunter Biden’s Tress Trickery!

Hunter Biden’s new buzz cut has sparked speculation about his motives. Judge Jeanine Pirro of Fox News’ “The Five” expressed doubt over the sudden change in hairstyle, suggesting that it may be an attempt to bypass drug testing. As a former narcotics judge, Pirro raised the point that hair can retain traces of drug use for a significant period of time. She remarked that she had never seen Hunter with a buzz cut before and suggested that his attorney may have advised him to alter his appearance to avoid getting caught.

While the judge presiding over the case has confirmed that Hunter Biden has tested negative for drugs recently, Pirro argued that these tests may not capture the full picture. She pointed out that certain drugs, like marijuana, can leave the system within a few days, making urine or blood tests less reliable. Pirro humorously remarked that “pubic hair” could also be used for testing, but alluded to explicit contents found on Hunter’s infamous laptop as evidence that he may take care of himself in that department.

This also reminds readers of Hunter Biden’s previous run-ins with drug testing, mentioning his expulsion from the Navy in 2014 after testing positive for cocaine. It criticizes him for trying to shift blame onto others, highlighting a pattern of avoiding accountability for his actions.

Written by Staff Reports

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