DC Police Clear GWU Campus Encampment, Mayor Bowser Cancels Hearing

In Washington, D.C, the Metropolitan Police Department took action to clear an encampment on the George Washington University campus after it caused increasing tensions for two weeks. The Mayor, Muriel Bowser, was set to appear at a House Oversight Committee hearing, but decided to focus on the happenings on the campus after speaking with Rep. James Comer (R-KY). As a result, the hearing was canceled.

Following the police’s effort to clear the unlawful encampment, the hearing with Mayor Bowser was ultimately canceled, according to Rep. James Comer. Mayor Bowser commended the Metropolitan Police Department for their role in ensuring public safety, emphasizing that their actions were crucial.

The Metropolitan Police Department supported the rights of the individuals to protest but prioritized safety over all else. This resulted in the deployment of pepper spray to manage some of the protesters. The Chief of MPD, Pamela Smith, made it clear that every decision was made with public safety as the top priority.

A total of 33 arrests were made, with charges such as unlawful trespassing and assault on a police officer. This included 29 individuals charged with unlawful conduct and four individuals charged with assaulting a police officer. Thankfully, there were no significant injuries to the officers.

Following the failure to reach an agreement with the protesters’ demands, the university officials brought the protest to a halt and declared that there would be no further encampments in the secured area. Addressing the involvement of individuals from the encampment at Columbia University in New York, MPD made it clear that their response was nonpartisan, focusing solely on maintaining law and order.

As the situation continues to unfold, all eyes are on the actions taken by the Metropolitan Police Department and the response of the involved parties.

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